ProNOVEL- innovative product created in B+R process

EPP Recykling takes part in a project named: Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 (action 4.1.4 Application Projects).

The aim of the project is to develop, by a consortium which we are part of, an innovative method of production of modernized EPP plastic in
the process of foaming. As part of the project, industrial research on the methodology of polypropylene (hybrid) with the use of CO2, the use of
regrind from used EPP fittings in the production process, and work on increasing the scale of the described manufacturing process will be carried out.

Within the project framework, an original and innovative recipe for foaming blend will be developed. Thanks to this blend, the material will have
better properties and functional parameters. Finally and as an outcome, the development of this modern technology will allow for later
implementation of innovative products.

Our actions included research on usefulness of waste EPP fittings that originate from various sources. A process of regranulation has been conducted,
in order to obtain a separate regranulate from each of selected research materials. What was examined was both usefulness of regranulates originating
from single source, and also mutual influence on each of regranulates that came from different sources.

With regranulation, we also aimed to obtain homogenous material, and also material mixes that were later put into homogenization process with the
technological line used in polypropylene processing, under the conditions of material's processing.

Agglomerates made from waste moulded EPP products were regranulated with the consideration of raw EPP material producer. A regranulation process
of blends that consisted of strictly determined regranulate shares has also been performed, also with the consideration of raw EPP material producer.

Conducted research has shown that the blends had parameters like: MFI, oxidation induction time, melting point, and metal fractions' pollution,
on a similar level to the parameters of non-mixed regranulates that were constituent of the blends. Modifications that have been performed improved
material parameters, which positions these actions as a process of upcycling.

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