About EPP Recykling

EPP Recykling specializes in recycling and pickup of expanded polypropylene (EPP) waste of various sizes, densities and shapes. Our experience allows us to offer high-quality services of pickup and management of EPP waste for organizations from every industry. We recycle expanded polypropylene which we collect from our customers in order to produce pure polypropylene (PP) granulate – ProNOVEL. We have all of the permissions required by the law and administrative decisions for pickup and processing of expanded polypropylene.

What is EPP

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is a plastic with a characteristic porous structure. EPP is widely used in the production of packaging and various fittings for multiple industries. Expanded polypropylene resembles Styrofoam in its structure but is not as stiff and fragile. EPP is characterized by its very good resistance to various chemical and physical factors. Peculiar chemical composition and production processes make expanded polypropylene a versatile material that is 100% recyclable.