We are experts in Polish expanded

polypropylene (EPP) recycling industry.

What sets us apart

There are many aspects that make us stand out from the competition, and which allow us to operate in order to positively influence the environment that surrounds us.

We collect EPP waste
We are able to receive any amount of EPP waste from you.
We recycle EPP
We process the collected EPP waste into ProNOVEL - a high-quality polypropylene (PP) granulate.
We care about the environment
Each kilogram of EPP recycled by us means less waste on the junkyards and in our surroundings.
We conduct research
Our team of specialists cares to ensure that the ProNOVEL granulate – polypropylene (PP) – complies with the defined standards.
We are experts
EPP Recykling consists of specialists from the plastics processing industry.
We are eco
Practically no impurities are generated while processing expanded polypropylene (EPP).